Your Way to Wealth

We create a fully transparent, custom plan to help you build and protect wealth your way.


Personalized services to help you build and protect your wealth.


Empower your employees with a financial wellness package they will love.


Manage all of your finances and take action all in one place.

Your best interests come first.

As a Fiduciary, FMI is legally required
to always put your best interests first — meaning we don’t sell financial products to make our money. We provide advice based on what is best for your financial future.


Reach your goals. We can help.

Cash-Flow Optimization

Create a budget and make your money work for you.

Customized Portfolio

Optimize your investment strategy to work for you.

Personalize Your Insurance

Evaluate and choose the best insurance coverage for your needs.

Maximize Savings

Set goals, build up a financial cushion, and know which accounts give you the best results.

Benefits & Compensation

Get customized company benefit elections and stock strategies.

Retirement Readiness

Be ready for retirement with personalized cash-flow projections.

Pay Off Loans

Find the best possible way to pay off your loans.

Tax Management

Manage your taxes to your benefit both today and in retirement.

Legacy Planning

Ensure your assets are efficiently passed onto the next generation.


A better kind of financial planner

  • Personalized advice that puts you in greater control of your financial future

  • Advice without the financial products sales pitch

  • Access to your accounts and recommendations through our Financial Tools

  • Transparent with our fees — no commissions, surprises, or hidden charges

Resources to empower your financial journey.


Don't just file your tax return, plan it. Start maximizing #yourkeep with effective tax planning.


Discover your way to wealth.