Our Purpose

Many people simply don't trust financial advisors. We're out to change that.

Always a Fiduciary

As an independent fiduciary adviser, our clients know that all of our advice and recommendations are in their best interests. And because we have nothing to sell, we are all about building long lasting relationships instead of focusing on the next transaction.


As a client, you’ll never wonder how much you are paying to have FMI as your advocate and what you are getting in return.

  • No commissions
  • No conflicts of interest
  • No competing agendas


Our firm is completely independent with no affiliations to other financial firms such as broker-dealers, fund managers, or insurance providers. We help you navigate every aspect of your financial life without any external incentives which makes you our only priority.


You’re busy with your personal and professional lives, so we give you access to web and mobile tools to make sure you and your advisor are always on the same page.

  • All of your accounts in one place
  • Interactive budgeting tool
  • Tasks to prioritize action items

Our Approach

The way we work with every client is what sets us apart from the pack.

Wide range of services and expertise from authentic professionals

  • Real‑world advice from down‑to‑earth advisors
  • High‑value solutions for any budget

Planning with a purpose

  • Much more than just an investment strategy
  • Better decisions, better outcomes

Empowerment through education

  • Understand the why, not just the how
  • Prepare the next generation for continued success

Maximize what you keep

  • Spending — Tools to help you monitor where your hard‑earned money is going
  • Taxes — Strategies to help you understand and manage your tax exposure
  • Fees — Know exactly what you are paying and what you are getting

Investment Management

Our philosophy: stay humble and respect the market. Markets move as fast as the money that changes hands. There is no investment strategy or process that works all the time. The best strategy is the one you will stick with through the inevitable ups and downs of the market cycle. Build a process informed by historical evidence, ignore as much noise as possible, and stick to your plan.

Focus on the Things You Can Control

  1. Be humble and respect market participants and pricing
  2. But be aware of behavioral biases and their impact on decisions
  3. Understand the risks that fundamentally drive long‑term returns
  4. Emphasize cheap markets with higher expected returns
  5. And avoid markets without the appropriate upside given the risks
  6. Diversify risks and active bets, but don’t eliminate them entirely
  7. Consider both active and passive management
  8. Don’t performance chase in managers or asset classes
  9. Keep fees and taxes low, but keep them in context
  10. Above all else: stay disciplined. Decide on a plan and stick to it!

FMI’s Model Portfolios

FMI’s investment philosophy is the driving force behind our model portfolios. We implement a household‑level investment strategy that is tailored to best achieve your short and long‑term goals. Our model portfolios allow us to provide our highest‑conviction investment ideas to all of our clients, regardless of their account balances.

Financial Planning

Let’s face it — there is more to your financial life than an investment strategy. Unfortunately, the typical “advisory” relationship is just a managed portfolio with high fees that doesn’t take into account everything else going on in your financial life. There are no shortcuts to a real financial plan because the most important variable in a financial plan is you.

That’s where we break the mold. A comprehensive financial plan is included in our Investment Advisory and Private Wealth Management relationships. We help our clients optimize every aspect of their financial life because we know that life is more than just returns.

Wealth Management

  • Comprehensive financial plan
  • Accountability partner and financial coach
  • Collaboration with advisory team — estate, tax, insurance, and lending
  • Budgeting and cash flow optimization
  • Customized debt strategies

College Planning

  • Key considerations for guardians and students
  • Tuition and savings projections
  • Managing your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Identifying optimal funding sources

Retirement Planning

  • Tax‑efficient contribution and distribution strategies
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) strategies
  • Change in residency cost analysis
  • Social Security and Medicare planning
  • Annual “Retirement Paycheck” planning

Legacy Planning

  • Education and values discussion
  • Philanthropic collaboration
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Business succession planning

Asset Protection

  • Review of estate plan and beneficiary designations
  • Analysis of current life, disability, and LTC policies

Hourly Consultations

Want to see what an advisor is capable of helping you accomplish without the long term commitment? Here are the traditional ways to get financial advice and the pauses that usually come with them:

  • Pay a visit to your bank
    They’ll try to sell you stuff — hello annuities!
  • Friends and family
    Do they really know? A strategy might be right for them, does that make it right for me?
  • Buying books
    I don’t have the time and I’ll need more than just one book.
  • Research online
    Who’s writing these things anyway? Do they have an angle? What’s their background?

Have a conversation focused on your goals and the best way to get there from an experienced advisor. Take control of your finances and make educated decisions on your terms.

Common Hourly Consultation Purposes

  • Independent review of investment strategy and fee structure
  • Insurance needs assessment and current policy review
  • Considerations for buying or leasing a home or car
  • Considerations for getting married or starting a family
  • Recommendations for old 401(k) or similar retirement plans (hint: you don’t have to roll it over!)

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Being engaged with your finances is crucial to your success. But we know that life is busy, and it can be difficult to stay on track to achieve your financial goals.

That’s why we provide all clients with access to technology that allows them to stay in control of their finances and collaborate with their FMI advisor throughout the year at no additional cost.

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