Financial Tools

Give your employees the tools they need take control of their financial future.

Personal Consultations

We’ll meet 1:1 with your employees to take stock of their financial life and help them prepare for the future.

Group Presentations

Educate and empower your workforce with our in-depth financial presentations.


Empower your employees to make better financial decisions.

Personal finances are the biggest source of stress for employees. Alleviate that stress with all the advice and tools your people need to take control of their finances.

A benefit your employees will love.

  • A personalized financial plan to help them build wealth

  • 1:1 meetings with an FMI certified financial planner

  • Financial tools to easily apply our recommendations

  • Answers to all of their financial questions

Results you’ll love.

  • Acquire and retain top talent with a sought-after financial wellness benefit package

  • Boost employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Increase productivity due to a decrease in stress

  • Improve your bottom line


Employees with good financial health are 2x more likely to report having good mental health than those with poor financial health.

Increased financial education at work can help your employees understand how the rest of your benefits package supports their financial goals.


of employees say finances are their #1 cause of stress


of employees would switch to a company that cares more about their financial well-being


per employee lost in productivity through distraction and absenteeism


of employees say that their financial stress has risen over last 12 months

* Statistics are pre-COVID-19.

What you get

FMI Certified Advisor

FMI is here to discuss any questions your employees have about their financial life — like getting married, budgeting, investing, college planning, or saving for retirement.

FMI Financial Tools

Whether it’s budgeting current expenses or simulating different retirement scenarios, users can take control of their finances with our Financial Tools.

Fiduciary Duty

As a Fiduciary, FMI is legally required to always put your employees' best interests first. We don’t sell financial products. We empower your people.

A True Partner

We work with you to develop the best financial wellness program for your employees — and you only pay for the ser- vices you know they will use.

Empower your employees with a strong financial future.