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How it works


Talk with us.

FMI is here to discuss any questions you have about your financial life — like paying off student loans, getting married, starting or selling a business, career changes, college planning, or saving for retirement.


Discover your way.

We’ll work with you to develop a custom financial plan that fits your life while moving you toward your goals.


Take action.

Advice is good. Action is better. You’ll have easy access to view our recommendations and action steps in our Financial Tools.


Here with you.

Life happens. Careers change. Families grow. We’re here to help you through all of life’s changes with practical advice to your financial needs.


Personalized advice for every financial decision.​

Talk with a real financial planner about your life and get an actionable plan to help you reach your goals. No sales pitches. Just personal, practical advice.


Your way to wealth has never been clearer.

Personal and unbiased.

You’ll meet 1:1 with a professional planner who will take stock of your financial life and help you prepare for the future — all without a sales pitch.

Confidence in your decisions.

Gain piece of mind knowing that you are making the right decisions today to achieve your financial goals tomorrow.

Easy access to financial tools.

Combine our 1:1 planning sessions with a set of robust Financial Tools — and get both for free when your employer signs up for our Business Services.


Talk with a real financial planner. On-demand and subscription planning sessions are available.


Talk with us about your financial questions.


Talk with us about your financial questions.


Our standard hourly rates and access to our tools.

Choose your path

Discover your way to wealth.

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