A faster, better way to manage your wealth

Manage all of your accounts in one place, get a snapshot of your financial standing, and take action on our recommendations all from one convenient location.

View your net worth

View and link your accounts

Track your spending

Access your portfolio

Take action on our recommendations

What you get

Our platform includes everything you need to access and manage your financial plan.

Account aggregation tool to see everything in one place

Loan payment tool to help tackle your mortgage and student loans

Life insurance needs analysis to see how much coverage is needed

Simulate different retirement scenarios to know your options

Interactive budget tool to keep you in control

Account performance and balances measured against benchmarks

College funding projections that adapts to changing education trends

Estate planning checklist and analysis to see your wishes through

Who gets our tools?

FMI Financial Tools are included in our financial planning subscription program, investment management program, and our wealth management program. They are also provided through your employer as part of our robust Financial Wellness program.

Who pays for these tools?

Say thanks to your employer! Access to our financial tools is included in a robust wellness program we offer your employer. We charge them a flat subscription fee. You get better control over your financial future.

What if my employer isn’t subscribed?

Send your HR department a link to our Wellness Program page and we’ll do the rest!

Is my information safe?

We use bank-level 256-bit AES data encryption and other security protocols to protect your information and accounts. We never share your information with your employer.

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