A portfolio tailored to meet your goals.

Make your money work for you. Talk with a certified professional to design a portfolio that meets your needs and your goals.

Personalized Strategy

We’ll work with you to develop a custom investment strategy that fits your life now while moving you toward your goals.

Commission Free

We don’t sell investment products. You don’t pay commissions. It’s that simple.

Special Access

Some of the best funds require a $1 million minimum investment. Not when you work with FMI.

A Better Return.

FMI portfolios beat the market by 9.51% in 2020* — meaning our clients earned 58% greater returns compared to using an index strategy.


That’s what we call the FMI Wealth Effect!






Your Bottom Line, Bigger.

Robo Advisors have grown in popularity because they claim to be a cheaper solution. Taking what the market gives you and no financial advisors means lower fees — but it also means you miss opportunities to make more money.


FMI clients, even after all fees, have a bottom line that is 54% greater than the most popular Robo Advisor.

You deserve more than okay. You deserve FMI.


Your bottom line



Your bottom line


Gross Return: 16.25%

Investment Fees: - 0.15%

Advisor Fees: - 0.25%

Gross Return: 25.76%

Investment Fees: - 0.55%

Advisor Fees: - 0.75%


You’re More than a Risk Questionnaire.

Your life can’t be summed up in a risk assessment. You have goals and dreams, a family to consider, and a future to plan.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to our investment management — tailoring your portfolio to your income, tax exposure, asset protection, estate plan, goals, and your dreams.


Go beyond a formulaic risk assessment. Get a tailored investment strategy that fits and evolves with your life.

What you get


Custom Portfolio


Tax Savings Strategies

Contribution Strategies

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FMI Financial Tools


Market Commentary

Giving you time to enjoy your wealth.

We obsess. You enjoy.

Your relationship team will only consist of certified professionals - CPWA®, CFA®, CAIA®.

Better results. Sooner.

Don’t settle for average. A personalized, efficient strategy will allow you to live life on your terms.

Less analyzing. More fun.

Spend less time analyzing your investments and more time having fun — access your account performance in our convenient online portal.

Discover your personalized investment strategy.