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FMI vs Other Advisors

It's not what we do. It's how we do it.


Most financial firms are set up to sell products like mutual funds and insurance that drive their bottom line — not yours.

FMI is a different kind of financial advisor. We started with the radical idea that everyone deserves personalized financial advice to help them build and protect weath.

The difference is in our DNA.

Top 6 reasons people choose FMI

See how our services stack up against other financial and investment advisors.


Need more convincing? Here are the top 6 reasons people and companies choose FMI over other financial advisors.









FMI is legally required to always put your best interests first.

No Products to Sell

We have no products to sell. We choose best in- class investments with no conflicts of interest.

Simple, Transparent Fees

We are up front with our fees and provide flexible services so you only pay for what you need.

Holistic Financial Approach

We look at far more than your portfolio — taxes, estate planning, retirement planning, education savings, paying down debt, and more.

Certified Professionals

Your relationship team will only consist of certified professionals - CPWA®, CFA®, CAIA®.

Dedicated to You

Experts dedicated to each aspect of the client relationship - certified professionals managing your portfolio, other certified professionals providing you with the planning advice you need.

Other Advisors

Not Fiduciaries

There is no legal requirement to put your your best interests first.

Sell Products

Sell mutual funds and insurance to drive their bottom line, not yours.

Hidden Fees

Investments and insurance subject to commissions, hidden fees, and revenue sharing.

Investment Only Approach

They get paid to sell investments, so only care about your investment strategy. Anything above that is a referral to external partners who pay a kickback.

Financial Sales People

May not have the experience and education that your wealth and situation requires.

Spread Too Thin

Spread too thin - responsible for monitoring markets, portfolio management, and financial planning.

Discover your way to wealth.

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