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As a new client, we will waive our asset-based advisory fees on your investment accounts for the first 30 days of our relationship.*

If you are not completely satisfied with your FMI experience, then we will help you move your accounts to another provider.


A Better Return

FMI portfolios beat the market by an average of 6.68%* per year — meaning our clients earned 41% greater returns compared to using an index strategy.


You deserve more than okay. You deserve FMI.





Far More Than Investing


Cash-Flow Optimization

Create a budget and make your money work for you.


Customized Portfolio

Optimize your investment strategy to work for you.


Personalize Your Insurance

Evaluate and choose the best insurance coverage for your needs.


Maximize Savings

Set goals, build up a financial cushion, and know which accounts give you the best results.


Benefits & Compensation

Get customized company benefit elections and stock strategies.


Retirement Readiness

Be ready for retirement with personalized cash-flow projections.


Debt Managment

Find the best possible way to pay off your loans.


Tax Management

Manage your taxes to your benefit both today and in retirement.


Legacy Planning

Ensure your assets are efficiently passed onto the next generation.

Personalized. Empowering. Responsive.

FMI was started on the belief that everyone deserves to work with a financial advisor who:

Is always a fiduciary and never sells products

Provides flexible services that can evolve with your needs

Makes investment opportunities available to all clients

Embraces technology to keep you in control

Invests with your bottom line in mind

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Terms and conditions apply. FMI will waive its asset‑based advisory fees on your investment accounts for the first 30 days. During the first 30 days of service, if you are not completely satisfied with FMI’s services, our advisory relationship will be terminated immediately and no advisory fees will be due. 


The guarantee only applies to fees charged by FMI. No other fees, expenses, or market losses will be waived or reimbursed under this guarantee, including, but not limited to, the fees charged by issuers of particular securities.


FMI reserves the right to discontinue or modify this guarantee in the future at any time in its sole discretion.