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Reach your full financial potential.

Work with our certified professional advisors to design and navigate your custom financial strategy. We give you proactive advice for life’s ups and downs, and implement the plan for you.


Personalized Strategy

We’ll work with you to develop a custom wealth strategy that fits your life now while moving you toward your goals.


A True Partner

Put us to work. We’ll help you implement our recommended financial plan.


Proactive Advice

We’re on your side — anticipating and providing advice to navigate the risks and opportunities in your journey.

More than a portfolio. True wealth management.

Your way to wealth requires more than a good investment portfolio — it takes a holistic approach to your financial life.

Budgeting, investments, insurance, lending, tax reduction strategies, estate planning, and legacy planning all work together to build a cohesive wealth strategy.

FMI is here to help you proactively anticipate and navigate the financial opportunities and risks through every stage of your wealth journey. We’ll collaborate with your tax, estate, and other advisors to make sure everything is working towards your goals.


Holistic planning and better returns.

FMI portfolios beat the market by 9.51% in 2020* — meaning our clients earned 58% greater returns compared to using an index strategy.


That’s what we call the FMI Wealth Effect!






How it works


Discover your way.

We’ll work with you to develop a custom financial plan that fits your life while moving you toward your goals.


Learn as you go.

Our financial tools and planning sessions will help you make better decisions with your money.


Partners in action.

Advice is good. Action is better. As your wealth management partner, we can do both — give you proactive advice for life’s changes and put your plan in action for you. It’s the best of both worlds.


Here with you.

Life happens. Careers change. Families grow. We’re here to help you navigate the risks and opportunities so you come out financially secure.

What's Included:

Weekly Market Commentary

FMI Financial Tools

Customized diversifed portfolio

Advanced tax savings strategies

Unlimited financial planning

Extended business hours

Comprehensive financial plan

Budgeting Support

Loan Payment Strategies

Portfolio Evaluation

Insurance Assessment

Estate Planning Review

Legacy & Succession Planning

Collaboration with advisory team – estate, tax, insurance, and lending

Discover your potential.

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