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Safeguard your business.

Empower your employees.

Employees with good financial health are 2x more likely to report having good mental health than those with poor financial health.

Increased financial education at work can help your employees understand how the rest of your benefits package supports their financial goals.



of employees say finances are their #1 cause of stress


of employees would switch to a company that cares more about their financial well-being


per employee lost in productivity through distraction and absenteeism


of employees say that their financial stress has risen over last 12 months

* Statistics are pre-COVID-19.


Ready for Financial Wellness?

With our integrated wellness program, give your employees financial freedom and enjoy a better business.

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We know what makes businesses tick.

For you to run at maximum efficiency, you need a happy workforce. With our integrated wellness program, give your employees financial freedom and enjoy a better business.

Account aggregation tool to see everything in one place

Loan payment tool to help tackle your mortgage and student loans

Interactive budget tool to keep you on track

Account performance and balances measured against benchmarks

Life insurance analysis to see how much coverage is needed

College funding projection that adapts to changing education trends

Simulate different retirement scenarios to know your options

Estate planning checklist and analysis to see your wishes through

Benefits of wellness

Empower your employees with cash flow and loan payment strategies, retirement plans, asset protection, and more.  Removing their #1 cause of stress creates a happier, more efficient worker and a more streamlined business for you and your stakeholders.

Employee Benefits

Alongside the more obvious physical and mental health benefits that a wellness program provides, employees can also enjoy tailored financial advice that addresses personal concerns, including:

Buying a home

Getting married

Retirement plans

Loan payment strategies

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Employer Benefits

Exclusive access to our comprehensive financial platform will help your organization:

Acquire and retain top talent

Boost employee engagement

Decrease stress and increase productivity

Improve your bottom line